This is Really Happening.

I’ve tried this before…the whole social media thing. It is both a great tool to stay connected to others & a terrible reminder of how uncool I was during my use of MySpace, Xanga, etc. There are several reasons why I tend to fail at social media, and reasons why I’m giving my best effort this time. Here’s a few that have come to mind…

1. Lack of Focus: during my previous attempts, I would try to post & interact…but would find myself forgetting to post, then feeling guilty for not posting, then just think, “No one is reading this anyway.” This is how you have a blog out there in the world that has 1 post.

But this time is different, I have friends that are committing to this journey as well. Having friends that encourage you, press you, remind you, bug you to do something can make all the difference. At least that’s what I’m hoping for from them.

2. Lack of Purpose: why does it matter that I was listening to Dave Matthews Band on Xanga? It really doesn’t. Maybe someone thought it was good to know what I was listening to, but pretty doubtful. There was really no purpose to my writing, which gave me very little motivation to write. When it got down to it, I just used social media to posture myself in a particular way.

But this time is different, I want to write about a lot of issues. I want to encourage Christians with thoughts from the Bible. I want to encourage friends in ministry as we navigate our calling from God. I want to talk about running & encourage people to be active in their life. Bottom line: I want to encourage others.

3. Lack of Ability: I remember a teacher making a comment to me when I was younger & had written a paper. She said, “You write the same way you talk.” I didn’t know if this was good or bad to do, I still don’t. But in previous efforts I would finally give up because I found the entire endeavor to be draining & made me insecure.

But this time is different, I feel much more secure in my ability to write. I am probably not any better of a writer now than I was then…but that’s OK. I may write how I talk, but maybe that’s great. I will commit myself to not being drained by insecurity. Instead, I will be committed to writing motivated by joy.

So there you go, that’s why this is really happening.

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