You Have to Start Somewhere.

In January of 2012, I went outside to see how far I could run. I hadn’t gone for a run in several years & lots of lbs. ago…but I thought I would probably run a mile or two. Well…half a mile into my run I had to begin walking. That was humbling. But that was reality.

I was never in the greatest shape, but I couldn’t believe where I found myself. I was the guy who couldn’t even run one mile. Yikes.

As much as this new reality bummed me out, at least I had a starting point. I wanted that day to be the worst & only move forward from there. So I did my best to get into a consistent habit & started to run 4 times a week.

The best part about the start of something new is progress. You set a goal & accomplish the goal. Then you set a new one & go for it. It is an awesome feeling to do something that seemed so daunting not that long ago. I remember running a mile for the first time in my new reality & feeling great…I did it in about 13 1/2 minutes! From there, progress was made.

So to move forward a bit, I’m now training for my first marathon…the OKC Memorial Marathon on April 27. Training is challenging, but definitely worthwhile & a lot of fun. I’ll keep you posted on my training in the coming weeks as the marathon approaches.

I’m so glad that January 2012 happened. I had to start somewhere. We all have to start somewhere.

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