Patience is a Virtue.

Patience is a virtue. We have all heard that at some point in our lives. Most likely you heard it in a moment where being told that patience is a virtue wasn’t fully appreciated. Maybe you gave the customary, “I know, I know…” or the “Yeah, that’s true…” But you probably didn’t dwell too much on the concept.

This past week, I had that statement thrown my way a few different times. You see, I have runner’s knee. The best treatment for runner’s knee is rest…which is hard when you’ve been training for a marathon! But even with the marathon looming, I made the choice to rest.

Let me just quickly say this: I don’t believe I got runner’s knee because of running. I love running & don’t want anyone to read this & say, “Well there’s another reason why I don’t run…” That’s not the case at all…in fact, here’s what happened.

I had a church event happening on a Saturday morning at a trampoline park, but knew that I was supposed to run 13.1 miles on that same day. Being responsible for the church event meant that I really needed to participate, so jumping on trampolines was a must. But I also felt that I needed to get my miles in that day. So I woke up at 5:45 AM, put on the running shoes & made it happen. About 2 hours later, I was back at home & feeling great. Then I was off to the trampoline park. We had an excellent group & I had a lot of fun. By noon I had run a half marathon, jumped on trampolines, played dodgeball on trampolines & was about to eat some Chic-Fil-A nuggets…life was good!

Then it happened. My knee got tight. My knee became swollen. I knew this wasn’t good. But being the brilliant person I am…I decided to run 16 miles with this issue over the next 3 days…and the knee got worse. So I had to stop.

I have now rested for 5 days. It has been a long 5 days. I have found myself becoming frustrated at the situation, trying to figure out where I went wrong & being bummed that Saturday morning was perfect running weather. But I have finally come around. I can hear it now. Patience is a virtue.

Tomorrow I will give running another go. Who knows how I’ll feel. But I know this: I want to be patient. I want to keep the big picture in mind as I continue on.

There’s a bigger truth in here somewhere, hoping to understand & embrace it soon. Maybe you can learn it & share it with me.

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