Reading is a Gift.

Reading a book has become duty bound for many. In 2014, why read a book when you have a myriad of other ways to get information & entertainment? I think there are good reasons why reading is still a gift that should be enjoyed…but let me explain why I think reading is a gift.

I lived in California for over 5 years & loved it. I loved going to Disneyland & riding 1 or maybe 2 rides on a Friday night while getting a corn dog at the Corn Dog Castle. I loved going to Laguna Beach & finding beach access where few people would ever think to look for access…and you would have a beach to yourself. I loved going to the San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park…especially after a rain as all the animals would be out & moving around. I loved a lot about living in California.

But one of the places that I went, and wish I would’ve gone & enjoyed more, is the Huntington Library. This was a place that had beautiful gardens with unique themes…


incredible buildings housing rare works of art…


and the best part was that the experience was actually affordable!

Going to the Huntington Library made you feel like you had gone to another part of the world…somewhere in Europe where everyone should be well-dressed & sophisticated. But there you were, with others in Rainbow flip flops & Ray-Bans in southern California.

Of all the wonders that the Huntington Library offered, there was one item that stood above the rest. At least in my opinion. I remember the first time I saw it & I would stop by to gaze at it each time I visited from then on. Here it is…

gbibleThat’s right. The Gutenberg Bible. This is one of the most rare books on planet Earth & I was a quarter inch of glass plus a security guard watching me away from touching THE GUTENBERG BIBLE.

What makes this particular Bible so important? The Gutenberg Bible represents the beginning of a printing revolution & it happened in the 1450s. Think about that. Before this, books were not common. The average Joe did not have regular access to books. But this all began to change in the West with the Gutenberg Bible & this printing revolution.

So move forward 550 years or so & here we are. Books are incredibly common. The average Joe probably has several books at home that may serve as decorative pieces. So the challenge for us is to “Remember the Gute.” Remembering the Gute is to remember that having the opportunity to read a book is a gift. 

So read a book. Read the Bible. Read books that entertain you. Read books that help you navigate life. Read books that make you think deeply on God. Read them all & read them well!

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