Good Books In Good Hands.

I’ve been working on an idea. Scary stuff.

The idea is basically this: Christians should be reading good books (books that are good for their spiritual formation!) & local churches should be encouraging this habit among their people.

So with that simple premise, I’ve arrived at this: Good Books In Good Hands.

At my local church (Southern Hills Baptist Church in OKC), I get to serve as the Minister to Young Adults. So in my area of ministry, we are going to begin offering, at great prices, various books that will shape our people to think more clearly on God & how His work should shape their lives. A lot of the books that will be offered will be found on the Recommended Books portion of The Nation. So rather than have a library with a ton of books to choose from…this will be specific books that have been selected & will be offered in limited amounts. So hopefully people will see that thought was put into the selection & also have some incentive to get one ASAP because there aren’t a ton of them available! So that’s the good books.

Now as far as the good hands…we’ll be emphasizing that the point of reading these books is not only to gain knowledge or information…but to be changed. We want to have a greater desire to know the truth of the Bible. We want to have a great passion for God’s glory to be seen in OKC & around the world. We want to have such a great view of God that we see how He impacts all areas of life. We want to act on what we believe.

So there’s a quick look at the idea. It is definitely in its infancy…so your input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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