Time Flies.

I was doing great. I was writing 3 times a week. I was enjoying the process of writing each time. Then something happened. I have no clue what exactly took place…but it all went away.

I think it started on a Monday that got out of control. Then a Thursday where time got away from me. Next thing you know, a month has passed since I last wrote! Thankfully I had some friends kindly remind me over the past few days of the Nation & so here I am typing once again.

When you don’t write for several weeks…where do you start? Let me give you a quick rundown of all that has happened over March & April…

1. Competed on the local game show Wild Card


This was the big time. Channel 52-1…Cox 707…you know it. I had finally made it through the grueling auditions & tedious paperwork, I was on the show. I was confident in my abilities…but wound up coming up 200 points short of victory.

Overall, the experience was great. I won a gift card to Pearl’s & that was cool…I even had Ed ask me if I had ever heard of having children when I mentioned Heather, my 2 dogs & guinea pig (little did he know…).


2. Went on a Mission Trip to NYC

nyc trip

God is doing something incredible through the work of His people in this city. I love our partner church, Connection Church. They have a conviction that NYC is a strategic city for reaching the nations with the message of the gospel. What Christian doesn’t want to be a part of that work?

So with that in mind, SHBC sent seven of us to encourage our partners while working alongside them during Spring Break. So much good came from this week…take me to lunch & I’ll tell you all about it!


3. Announced the News that Baby Cobb is Arriving in October

That’s right…Baby Cobb is real. He or she should be officially joining the Nation sometime in October…just in time to see the Mets win the World Series.

Heather & I have been so excited about this news & it has been fun sharing it with our family & friends.

During that time where we knew about Baby Cobb while the rest of the world didn’t…some weird dreams happened for me. The most recurrent dream of all was seriously that the Mets won the World Series this year in honor of the birth of our first child. I hope it comes true.

4. Went to Together for the Gospel in Louisville


This is a conference I had attended once before in 2012 & I could not wait to return this year. There is nothing comparable to being in a setting where you get to hear sound teaching through preaching & songs for hours at a time for several days. It sounds strange, but it is good for the soul.

Then in the midst of all this, you get to talk with friends who build you up & cause you to be thankful for the goodness of God to bring you to this random town on the Ohio River. I enjoyed my time with these guys so much that I forgot to take any pictures with them…the only one I took was of my friend Adrian from CA while he ate a mountain of chips, BBQ & nachos…crazy part was that his meal was 0 calories.










I plan to write much more extensively about this experience & all that I learned…so get ready for that soon! Bottom line: God is so gracious & good to give us moments like this conference.

So that’s that. I’ll try to not cram so much life into one post again. Sorry if this was boring, it’s the best I got!

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