The Times They Are A-Changin’

Dylan’s song has nothing to do with this post. I really like the song, I even like doing my best to sing like Bob Dylan…ask me sometime and I’ll sing you a few lines! But the song isn’t the point, it’s just that the title works well for today.

Heather & I are expecting our first child to arrive any day now. The times are really changing.

I’ve heard from a bunch of people about how much life will change. I’ve heard from new parents, parents with multiple kids, parents who are now great grandparents…and they all seem to land at the same spot…change is coming. I’ve watched enough episodes of Parenthood with Heather to see that life will change.

I believe that life will change, but I don’t have a clue into how much life will change. And I’m OK with that.

Here are a few of the reasons why I’m OK with not knowing…

1. Perspective…really, no one knows how much life will change with their first kiddo. It’s the first! Every parent has a first child. People have been having first children for a long time…so that’s reassuring!

2. Family…I am so thankful to God for my parents & for Heather’s parents. They have given us tremendous examples of parenting, I know they aren’t perfect people…but there is no doubt that they are a blessing from God.

3. Church…God has given us a group of people who can encourage us as we parent & help us navigate our way through change. There have already been several people within the people of God that have been a huge source of encouragement, we’ve seen the goodness of God in the way His people have cared for us.

4. Prayer…there really is a joy & confidence in God. Praying for our child, our need of wisdom, our hope in God for our child, our trust in God for the future (all parts of it…both the good and tough parts of life) and lots of other prayers have been good for my soul. There are lots of good resources out there that have encouraged my prayer life, but this one below is especially good. Here is a portion of a prayer from Valley of Vision.

Every new duty calls for more grace than I now possess, but not more than is found in thee, the divine Treasury in whom all fullness dwells.

To thee I repair for grace upon grace, until every void made by sin be replenished and I am filled with all they fullness.

May my desires be enlarged and my hopes emboldened, that I may honour thee by my entire dependency and the greatness of my expectation.

Do thou be with me, and prepare me for all the smiles of prosperity, the frowns of adversity, the losses of substance, the death of friends, the days of darkness, the changes of life, and the last great change of all. 

May I find thy grace sufficient for all my needs.

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