Adjusting to Ben (Birthday Edition)

Adjusting to Ben (Birthday Edition)

Well this is the first of I’m sure many posts concerning my adjustments to life with a child. Don’t get me wrong, having a son has been a tremendous blessing…but there are times when I really feel the change. My 32nd birthday was one of those moments. Below are a few of the ways that Ben is bringing about change to life…

1. My birthday began way earlier this year than ever before.

Ben got the day started early. 5:30 AM. I used to have trouble waking up at this time of day, but that issue is being corrected quickly thanks to my son. He brings the energy at that time of day and then keeps it going throughout. I can honestly say that my 32nd birthday was the earliest I have every woken up to begin my celebrating. Thanks son.

2. My birthday revolved around my family.

I love that now I get to celebrate the day with my wife and son. They bring me a tremendous amount of joy and I’m so glad to hang out with them. I loved that I got to have breakfast at home, go to one of my favorite restaurants (Tarahumara’s in Norman) for lunch, and relax at the house for dinner…and have them with me all along the way. What a blessing.

3. My birthday included a run.

I was excited about my birthday lunch. I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed the food! But I am also running a half marathon in Seattle in the month of June, which means I need to train. So after eating a great Mexican meal and a cookie on top of that, I went for a 10 mile run that afternoon. It was terrible. It was windy, humid, and the sun was out. Did I mention I had Mexican food for lunch? But here’s how Ben works into the running part of my birthday: I want to stay as healthy & active as I can so that I can fully enjoy the time we have together…plus I also want to set a good example of self-discipline for my son starting now.

So there you go, a few ways that Ben is changing life and bringing more focus to what’s important. By the way, the picture at the top of the post was taken towards the end of my birthday celebrating just before Ben went to bed…it is a classic! Have a good one friends!

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