New Podcast Starts Now!

New Podcast Starts Now!

All of us have projects that we’d like to get accomplished. Some happen & some don’t. One of the projects that I’ve been most excited about has finally come true…a weekly podcast!

This is all new territory for me, but I’m excited about it. The podcast will be called, Better Know Your Church”& the whole point is to hear the stories & meet the people within my home church, Southern Hills Baptist Church. We have a lot of people who live interesting lives, so I can’t wait to interview them!

Each podcast will be between 15-30 minutes & will include personal stories of faith in Jesus Christ, love for the local church, how they are involved in the life and ministry of our church, and some interesting facts about them. So I hope you find it entertaining & encouraging.

Hopefully, the podcast will wind up on the internet in other places (iTunes once I figure that out!), but I thought I would offer the first episode for you to try out. Would love feedback (constructive positive/constructive negative/general impressions) & definitely appreciate you taking 15 minutes to give it a listen. Thanks nation!


  1. This is GREAT!!! Melissa said, “They ought to be on the radio!” I added, “in morning drive!” Good call, Matt: starting off with the SHBC renaissance man, Tommy Merritt!

  2. Absolutely loved it.This is a great idea. The only thing, I’d like to see your faces. I don’t like just starring at a page doing nothing, so I played games on my phone as I listened and that helped. Rob & I love Tommy. He has house/dog sit for us several times, and he’s going to make someone a great husband. Like you said, “This is a great way to get acquainted & know more about some of the people who are members of our church.” You had some great questions. I’m sure you’ll be interviewing Ruffin soon. That will definitely be interesting.

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