New Beginnings


This is a picture of an Oxydendrum…and not just any Oxydendrum…this is the Oxydendrum that will be planted in my yard. Now let me be clear: I’ve never been one to do much yard work…most of my life I dodged yard work! However, over the past few years, that has begun to change…and my appreciation for the work has increased as well along the way.

My appreciation started when I bought a push reel mower & had to power the mower myself…it makes you enjoy a freshly mowed lawn all the more! Then it increased as I spent hours making sure that my lawn and the flowers around my lawn got the proper amount of moisture from the various sprinklers spread through the yard. And now this…an Oxydendrum is being planted in my front yard…and I’m oddly excited about it.

Why have I become so excited about all this? Why does it produce such enthusiasm in my life? I have been asking myself these questions a lot this spring…why? And I think I’ve landed at 2 answers: instant gratification & new beginnings.

I get a lot of joy from all this yard activity because you get to see the results of your work relatively quickly. I mow, then after mowing…voila…a yard that looks different than it had 45 minutes ago! There are few endeavors in life that get you that kind of instant gratification! You see weeds growing, you pull those weeds, and tada…weeds are gone & you feel great about it! So instant gratification is one reason…but I want to focus on the other reason.

I love the concept of new beginnings. I love that right now this tree is so small & yet has so much potential. I love that depending on which direction you face the lead growth of the tree right now…it will make a difference down the road. I love that I’ve spent time googling with this tree might look like years down the road…here’s a picture to help you get as excited as I am…


And all this thinking on new beginnings and potential in what’s to come makes you begin to think about the other parts of your life. Most specifically for me, I’ve been thinking about my habits. So take a moment to consider this: What are habits that you could start now that may not initially seem like much…but over time would make a massive difference in your life?

Maybe it is changing your morning routine, maybe it is spending 23 fewer minutes watching a show on Netflix, maybe it’s taking a walk during your break at work, maybe it’s putting your phone on the mantle when you get home in order to spend time with the people in your home…this is the time for new beginnings. This is the time to see the potential of these small changes & begin the change now

So I’m going to watch an Oxydendrum grow, and I’m going to continue to examine my own habits…and I hope you do the same (now go plant a tree & think).

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